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What is Clinical Ethics?

Ethics – theories and concepts

Papers, Reports and Books

Practical Ethics
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1993
Author: Peter Singer.
The book applies ethics to difficult and controversial social questions.

Introduction to Health Law


Breen v Williams (1996) 186 CLR 71
Jurisdiction: Cth
The doctor – patient relationship can be characterised as a contractual relationship.

Patel v The Queen [2012] HCA 29 (24 August 2012)
Jurisdiction: Cth
High Court appeal re recent case of alleged criminal negligence by a Director of Surgery in QLD.

R v Pegios [2008] NSWDC 104
Jurisdiction: NSW
Application of British Case law on criminal negligence of a doctor.

Rogers v Whitaker (1992) 175 CLR 479
Jurisdiction: Cth
Provides an example of the recognition of the doctor – patient relationship in tort law (negligence).

Sidaway v Board of Governors of Bethlem Royal Hospital [1985] AC 871 at 904
Jurisdiction: England
The doctor – patient relationship can be characterised as a contractual relationship.

Woods v Downs (1996) Aust Torts Reports.
On the difference between law and ethics.

Papers, Reports and Books

Australian Health Law Bulletin
Provides latest information and analysis on developments in health law. 10 issues annually.

Australian Legal Information Institute (Austlii)
Comprehensive Free Source of Australian legal material – all legislation, court and tribunal cases and a selection of journal articles, law reform reports, treaties and so forth.

Australian Medical Law (3rd Ed)
Author: J. Devereux
Discusses how different areas of law impact on medical practice.

Global Ethics and Law
UQ School of Medicine

Journal of Law and Medicine
Publishes articles that concern legal, medical and bioethical issues.

Law and Medical Practice: Rights, Duties, Claims and Defences (3rd Ed)
Author:  Loane Skene
Handbook and education resource for both medical and legal professionals on law as it relates to medical practice.

The Australian Medico-Legal Handbook
Cameron Stewart, Ian Kerridge, Malcolm Parker
A handbook with accompanying PDA software is a practical resource for medical professionals, JMOs, students and nurse practitioners giving answers to most frequently asked legal questions arising in medical practice complete with case examples and references.

The Law Handbook. Your Practical Guide to the Law in New South Wales
State Library of NSW
Legal Information Access Centre Law Handbook
‘Health Law’ Doctor Patient Relationship.

Ethics in the Media?

Papers, Reports and Books

A Report from America: When Philosophers Shoot from the Hip
(1991) Bioethics 5(1) 67-71

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