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Information Sheet (Private Sector) 29 – 2009: Use or disclosure of genetic information in the private health sector Cth Private
Privacy Commissioner
Information sheet is for health service providers in private health care sector. Provides guidance on use or disclosure of genetic information to lessen or prevent a serious threat to life, health or safety of a patient’s genetic relatives.

Use and Disclosure of Genetic Information to a patient’s relatives [PDF]  Cth Private
Guidelines for health practitioners in the private sector on the release of genetic information to a patient’s relatives under s95AA of the Privacy Act 1988.




Privacy Act 1988 s95AA Cth
Act for protection of private information. Section 95AA deals with disclosure of genetic information to relatives.


Papers, Reports and Books


ALRC 96 Essentially Yours: The Protection of Human Genetic Information in Australia Cth
Australian Law Reform Commission
Report of a 2 year inquiry by AHEC, ALRC and NHMRC into the ethical, legal and social implications of ‘new genetics’  with respect to the genetic information and samples, how to : protect privacy, protect against unfair discrimination, ensure highest ethical standards in research and practice.


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