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Brightwater care group v Rossiter [2009] WASC 229
Case where patient directed medical staff to discontinue provision of nutrition and general hydration. Court held that the patient had the right to determine whether they would receive treatment. General principles of palliative care looked at.

H Ltd v J [2010] SASC 176 SA
Where a nursing home patient refused, food, water and medical treatment because she wished to die. Kourakis J found that the decision was not suicidal because there was no common law duty to feed oneself, so the death caused by the failure to eat would not have been legally caused by the patient.

Re B (adult: refusal of treatment) [2002] 2 All ER 449 UK
A competent woman was paralysed from the next down and could not breath without a ventilator. She requested for her ventilator to be switched off. Doctors were worried this would be construed as an act of killing. High Court held that she was competent to refuse treatment and so to continue treating her would be unlawful.

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