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Using Interpreters Successfully All
Provides assistance in determining when an interpreter is necessary, how to book an interpreter and working successfully with an interpreter.


Papers, Reports and Books


Don’t Get Lost in Translation. Helping rheumatology patients with limited English skills
The Rheumatologist, January 2010

In Other Words… When You Truly Need to Find Other Words… Working with Medical Interpreters
Health Literacy Consulting 

Is the use of interpreters in medical consultations justified? A critical review of the literature
PASS International  

Lost in Translation: Integrating Medical Interpreters into the Multidisciplinary Team
The Oncologist May 2008 vol. 13 no. 5 586-592 

Roles of community interpreters in pediatrics as seen by interpreters, physicians and researchers
Interpreting 7:2 (2005), 67–92 

Using Professionally Trained Interpreters to Increase Patient/Provider Satisfaction: Does It Work?
Mathematica February 2010 Number 6

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