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Guidelines and Policies

A practical guide to clinical ethics support UK
UK Clinical Ethics Network
Provides an overview of the role of clinical ethics committees, examples from around the world, ethical frameworks, professional guidelines, legal issues and useful links.

Toolkits and Protocols

Clinical Ethics Committee in Norway – Highly Recommended by the Norwegian Parliament Norway
UK Clinical Ethics Network
Provides an overview of clinical ethics committees in Norway where the establishment of such committees has been recommended by Parliament.

Ethics in practice: background and recommendations for enhanced support RCP, 2005 UK
Royal College of Physicians.
Looks at CECs – their current status, their strengths and the problems facing them – are discussed in depth, and the results of a survey of specialist registrars illuminate the feelings of the sections of the medical workforce perhaps in most need of support. The report makes a series of clear recommendations on how the role of clinical ethics committees should be strengthened and clarified.

Papers, Reports and Books

Development of clinical ethics committees
BMJ 328: 950 (Published 15 April 2004)

Development of a Hospital Ethics Committee: Lessons from Five Years of Case Consultations
(1992) Cambridge Quarterly in Healthcare Ethics 1(1): 63-74
William S. Andereck
Provides an overview of the experience of a clinical ethics committee in an urban community hospital and the ever growing need to consider autonomy and the often competing demands of a larger society.

Evaluating Clinical Ethics Consultation: A European Perspective
(2009) Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 18: 406-409
Margarete Pfäfflin, Klaus Kobert and Stella Reiter-Theil
Provides guidance and research on how to evaluate clinical ethics consultations. (This issue of Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics has a special focus on the assessment and evaluation of clinical ethics consultations opensource.)

Mandatory Ethics Consultation Policy
(2009) Mayo Clinic Proceedings 84(7):581-585
Megan E. Romano, BA, Staffan B. Wahlander, MD, Barbara H. Lang, BS, Guohua Li, MD, DrPH and Kenneth M. Prager, MD
Investigates the use and effect of a mandatory ethics consultation policy in the ICU of one hospital.

Regulation of health care ethics committees in Europe
(2007) Medicine, Health care and Philosophy 10(4): 461-475
Norbert Steinkamp, Bert Gordijn, Ana Borovecki, Eugenijus Gefenas, Jozef Glasa, Marc Guerrier, Tom Meulenbergs, Joanna Różyńska and Anne Slowther
In this article, the question is discussed if and how Healthcare Ethics Committees (HECs) should be regulated.

Role and function of a paediatric clinical ethics service: Experiences at the Royal Children’s Hospital
47 (2011) Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 632-6
Gold H, G Hall, L Gillam

Physicians’ ethics forum: a web-based ethics consultation service
(2012) 38 Journal of Medical Ethics 2, 83-6.
Louhiala, P, S Saarni, et al

Evolution of hospital clinical ethics committees in Canada
(2010) 36 Journal of Medical Ethics 3, 132-37
Gaudine, A, L Thorne, et al

The presence of ethics programs in critical access hospitals
(2010) 22 HEC Forum 4, 267-274.
Nelson WA, MC Rosenberg, T Mackenzie, WB Weeks

Development of clinical ethics services in the UK: a national survey
(2012) 38 Journal of Medical Ethics 210e214
Slowther A, L McLimans, C Price

Core competencies for clinical ethics committees
(2010) 10 Clinical Medicine 1, 30-3
Larcher, V, AM Slowther, et al

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